Rosa Israel

Grandma, Rosa Israel 81, Born: Launceston, Tasmania

Rosa Goldberg was the youngest child of a Tailor, second-hand shop owner and pawn broker (she didn’t have three parents, her father Eber moved industries during the great depression and her mother Fanny never worked, as was common.
Her older two brothers were away at war for five years growing up. Mentored by her Uncle, who owned a jewellery store, she become a young sales girl.
Rosa, 21, was taken to Sydney by her parents to live above her Aunty Etta’s Jewellery shop. A traveller walked in to the shop and Etta asked him, if there were any jewellers looking for staff, he said yes, and Rosa went for an interview and Mr Weiss, said “When can you start?” She worked for one week, before being offered to be in charge of the watchmaker, watchshop and exclusive pen shop opposite, next to the Sydney Trocadero.
Rosa met the love of her life, Ronald Israel, at the 21 and over club, he had the most beautiful eyes. After a couple of months Ron invited Rosa for lunch with a group on a boat trip to Shark Island. A lot of food over, the group of friends went back to the owner of the boats unit to dance to a record. After the night finished Ron took Rosa back to her aunty and uncles place where he kissed Rosa on the cheek and said “God bless, I will phone you”
The next morning Rosa, phoned her father and told him, “I have met the man, I am going to marry!” her fathers replied “You’re meshuga [crazy]”
Ron rang that night and every night after they spoke until the day he died.
Rosa and Ron owned and operated their own jewellery store, Harley’s Jewellers in Bondi Junction, next to Billy the Pigs (now The Eastern) for more than 48 years.

Rosa still works part time a few hours a week and continues to have a social life with Bridge, volunteer work, exercises, pearl threading for friends and enjoys Tai Chi. Usually Rosa plays a few games of sudoku on the iPad before going to sleep or waking up properly as she’s up by 5:27am before her alarm, everyday!